EnviroPure: Leading Among Mold Removal Companies in Alexandria, VA

When mold season is coming up and the damp weather triggers mold to release its spores, it’s time for you to get professional help. If you’re looking for mold removal companies in Alexandria, VA, you’re in the right place! At EnviroPure, we’re a leading mold remediation company dedicated to providing quality service. Our professionals have extensive training and expertise in mold inspection and remediation services. 

What Makes Us Stand Out From the Rest?

  • Non-Invasive, Innovative Mold Remediation Technology
  • Certified MICRO Member
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Quality workmanship guaranteed
  • Mold inspections available
  • Discounts available


At EnviroPure, we know that standard mold remediation can be invasive. As such, we strive to do things differently. 

We work with our patented dry fogging technique designed to eliminate mold spores in a non-invasive manner.

 So you can rest easy knowing that we’ll effectively eliminate mold from your property without damage.

US Army Corps of Engineers Tests Our System

Learn how our unique dry fog system stood up to the rigorous tests put forth by the US Army Corps of Engineers

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