Montgomery County

Comprehensive Mold Inspection Services Near Montgomery County, MD

At EnviroPure, we’re a professional mold remediation company. You can trust us to perform a thorough mold inspection near Montgomery County, MD. When it comes to mold, it can be hard to identify at first glance. Let our experienced mold detectors find the source of the problem to prevent significant damage. We take the time to review your property, searching for any signs of mold spores or growth. If, after our visual inspection, you’re still concerned, we also provide mold testing services.


We take pride in our exceptional mold inspection and testing services. You can rest assured that if your building has mold, we’ll find it quickly and efficiently. If you notice an earthy odor or have a moisture area with no light, don’t hesitate to call us! 

Thanks to our vast experience, we’re able to identify signs of mold promptly.

Mold not only causes significant damage to your home over time, but it can also irritate your throat and lungs. Prevent healthy hazards for you and your family by calling our experts at EnviroPure. We test your house or building for all types of mold, including black mold.

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