Real Estate Agents

Clear your home or business of all mold, pathogens, bacteria, spores & fungi without moving or damaging your things.

You’re a real estate agent and it’s your goal to put your clients’ worries at ease and assist them as they navigate the process of buying or selling a new home. The last thing you want to see is the presence of mold which can stop a listing in it’s tracks and wreak havoc on your smooth closing transaction.

As a real estate agent, you have so much you’re juggling, the last thing you need is for mold to be spotted on that home that is about to close.  Don’t let mold stop your sale from going through, we can help remedy the situation within hours not days weeks or even months. And EnviroPure will do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional remediation methods.

Or perhaps you have a house that has a bad or foul smell?  That “funk” is a definite bad 1st impression and will impede on your ability to close.  Our service can eliminate odors quickly and for good.

US Army Corps of Engineers Tests Our System

Learn how our unique dry fog system stood up to the rigorous tests put forth by the US Army Corps of Engineers

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