Tj8277 B

Tj8277 B

We hired Pure Maintenance Free for our house because 2 of our children were having suspicious allergy reactions after they spent time in our basement. We were not aware of any obvious mold growing in the basement, so we were perplexed as to why this was happening. Walter came over and identified a potential source of mold growth in our upstairs bathroom. He explained to us how mold travels and how mold upstairs could cause allergic reactions in the basement. He confirmed this suspicion with an air quality test . Before hiring this company, Walter thoroughly explained the process to us and took the time to answer any and all of our questions. The day of the treatment, he arrived on time and was finished at the estimated finish time. Our home smelled clean and fresh! The big test came when my 2 children came home and spent time in the basement. They showed no allergy symptoms at all. They still have not, weeks after the treatment. We couldn’t be happier with the entire process, from beginning to end! So glad we decided to use Pure Maintenance Free and appreciate Walter’s extensive knowledge on the subject. We highly recommend this service for anyone that wants to be sure they are breathing clean air in their home!

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